About Legacy Partners

My Why: I started in the insurance industry because when my father passed he had life insurance which afforded me the opportunity to go to college with no student loans. When I became an adult, I wanted to help do the same for other families. Now every day I get the opportunity to do just that and have a rewarding career I would not give up for anything.

What our clients have to say about Legacy Partners.

Legacy Partners made protecting my family important and made the process very easy. They were in touch constantly and made me feel valued. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Even better for the things they do not offer they are happy to refer professionals who they partner with.

Sara G

Phil helped to secure my retirement income from risk and help to guarantee me an income for life when I retire. Not only do I feel more at ease about retirement, but the consultative approach Phil used was educational, easy to understand and put a smile on my face. Thank you Phil and I recommend everyone to use him when looking into retirement options.

Connie G

    What our clients have to say about Legacy Partners.